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Eco-Lizard Dog Rope Toys-Collection

Eco-Lizard Dog Rope Toys-Collection

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Dear Green Consumers,

I am Weiwei, co-founder of CSCORD, and proud to be part of a family with a rich history in both pet rope toys and recycled cotton fabrics. The Yellow Lizard toy is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

When I first presented the design to my father, a master craftsman with over 20 years of experience in the pet toy industry, he had doubts about its popularity. But within a day, he had perfected the creation process and the Yellow Lizard quickly gained popularity.

As a result, we received numerous requests for a larger version, and my father, true to his craft, rose to the challenge and created the Giant Yellow Lizard.

I am excited to share my father's skills and techniques with others in our community, and confident that this eco-friendly tug-of-war toy will be one of our most successful yet.

Your Eco-Partner

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